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Customized Training Plans 
Customized Nutrition Plans 
One on One Fitness Coaching



The Fitness Scientist

Max formulates customized workouts and personalized nutrition plans using a scientific approach leading you to epic results. 



30 Day Online Fitness Challenge

March 16th - April 11th

Sign up & compete against other ladies in the first ever MAX1MUM 30-Day Fitness Challenge designed exclusively for women! This is a 4-week online course to make fast progress towards your body goals. You will receive customized workout & nutrition plans along with yoga routines, mobility exercises, and of course...PRIZES!



"It wasn't just about receiving nutrition plans or workouts for me, it was more than that. I learned how to think positively about myself, improve my lifestyle to become healthier and happier, and also built a friendship that helped me stay motivated."


"Thank you so much for everything! You gave me all the confidence I needed, and thanks to you I got my first modeling job!"


I tried so many times and the weight kept coming back. After working with Max, I not only lost 45 lbs but learned how to keep it off. I couldn't have done it without him.

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