I see you have entered our lab...beware of the dragon who guards this domain! My research focuses heavily on the human species. I believe there is potential to make a whole new breed here in my lab (MAX1MUM). We formulate the best exercise & nutrition protocols to enhance all areas of the human brain and body.


We continue to evolve so our science is updated regularly. Join the email list to keep up on the latest info! Check out some of our experiments (also known as "clients") and our work speaks for itself.

Take a look around, and I encourage you to touch everything.

#1 Best Upcoming 
Health & Fitness Company! 


Customized Training Plans 
Customized Nutrition Plans 
1on1 Fitness Coaching



The Fitness Scientist

Max formulates customized workouts and personalized nutrition plans using a scientific approach leading you to epic results. 




"It wasn't just about receiving nutrition plans or workouts for me, it was more than that. I learned how to think positively about myself, improve my lifestyle to become healthier and happier, and also built a friendship that helped me stay motivated."


"Thank you so much for everything! You gave me all the confidence I needed, and thanks to you I got my first modeling job!"


I tried so many times and the weight kept coming back. After working with Max, I not only lost 45 lbs but learned how to keep it off. I couldn't have done it without him.

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