The MAX1MUM Fitness Laboratory results speak for themselves. Check out some client transformations below. To learn about one-on-one coaching with us, please inquire via email by clicking here or through the contact page. 

Ronnie Burda - 8 Months of Coaching + 6 Week Shred Challenge  

Owen Shoemaker

Connor Switzer - 8 Week Muscle Challenge + 6 Week Shred Challenge

Collins Avery-

12 weeks 

custom training & nutrition 

Gavin Harter - 
12 weeks custom
training & nutrition

Dekwuan Stokes

Nick Talanca - 

Monthly Train Ebook

Dayton Broyan - 8 Week Muscle Challenge

Sally Belasco -  

30-day Womens Fitness Challenge 

Danielle Quesinberry

6 weeks nutrition 

Emily Dalo

12 weeks nutrition 

Alcine Gross - 
8 weeks custom training & nutrition