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My story began in Saint Petersburg, Russia as an orphan. At the age of 5, I was adopted by an American family shortly before starting school in America. I excelled in my ability to learn new languages, make friends/connections, and compete in sports earning several distinguished awards, such as All-Conference Football Player, Defensive MVP, and becoming a Nationally Qualified Collegiate Powerlifter. Having been a captain for several sports and attaining many leadership roles in academics, I have a strong ability to communicate with others and help them.

Currently, I am living in Knoxville, TN after attaining my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh. Over the past several years, I have become very interested in analyzing and understanding how the human body works from the complex musculoskeletal system to our neurophysiology. My goal is creating a system of movement patterns (exercise) & eating habits (nutrition) to attain the highest level of physical & mental performance. Like every great scientist, there is always something "odd" about them.. and for me, its an obsession to dragons. Marvelous creatures I say, they are the most intelligent & powerful species to ever live...


Maksim Ruslanovich Drelouge

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Saint Petersburg, Russia

HEIGHT: 5 foot 11 inches 

WEIGHT: 185-190 lbs 

CURRENT SPORTS: Men's Physique, USPA Powerlifting,

Fitness Modeling, Recreational Basketball / Soccer