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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I know, I know, no time for your body or health, but Instagram gets an hour a day..

Use this blog as a guide to help you learn how to get the most out of your time when meal-prepping. If you aren’t prepping at least 1 meal a day, you’ve really let yourself go. It’s ok, life gets crazy and I’m here to help you get better. It’s not about completely changing your life or eating habits, but rather making small changes over a large period of time that add up to something big! Prepping just 1 meal a day, like your lunch, is the perfect start. So enough chit-chat, lets learn!

Step 1: Make Time For It

  1. Schedule it! Every night before bed, I write out what I need to accomplish for the next day. If I know I need to meal prep Sunday, that way I stay on it next week, then Saturday night before bed I write it down, or set a phone reminder. “I usually go out drinking Saturdays”.. well write it down before you start getting litty! I write my daily task list on a big sticky note and put it on my laptop...

Something that I use everyday! As I finish something, I across it off. Keep doing that, and the momentum will make you do the next thing. Trust me, your brain loves finishing things.. its satisfying. The brain is powerful by itself, but unstoppable with a routine. Put meal-prep in your daily routine.

Step 2: Save Money on Groceries

I’m balling on a budget Max, I need to save where I can. I understand that meat/fruit/veggies are the most expensive items on your grocery receipt, but for good reason. Anything good for you is worth paying an extra dollar or two more for. For me, I realize that eating enough good sources of protein, and getting enough fruits & vegetables are very important to nourish my body the way I need to so it continues to look the way it does.

6.4% bodyfat at 185lbs (Feb. 2020)

(shown to the right)

Certain items you can buy in bulk like chicken and eggs! Some of my clients eat 8 egg whites at one serving so buy the 18-pack eggs or even the 5 dozen box.. its only 2-5 dollars! It’ll be gone by next week trust me, there wont be any waste. If you’re looking to gain weight, rice & potatoes should be bought in bulk. Get the big 20lb bag of rice and 50lb sack of potatoes. That’s a lot of taters, I know! They last if stored properly and will be used up! As for fruits/vegetables, I don’t believe organics are more beneficial than the extra cost to buy them. I stick to good ripe fruit and typically buy 1 week at a time so nothing spoils. If you have that money to blow, sure buy organics.. whatever floats your boat. If it doesn’t have an expiration date, it’s better for you! Use your credit card when buying groceries to get more cash back too, I racked up over $100 cash back on my credit card in 2-3 months just from groceries, on top of accumulating reward points at Giant Eagle so i was saving 10-20% off groceries sometimes!

Step 3: Cooking Methods To Save Time

Ok Max, I bought all this food... how do I make sure I’m cooking it properly and not spending tons of time doing it? The best way for me to help you is sharing what works for me. Typically when I buy my meat in bulk, I’ll only keep out what I’m using for that week, usually 1-2 lbs of ground beef/steak and 2-3 lbs of chicken. Freeze the rest until that gets used up, except your eggs. Don’t freeze those! I use a “George Foreman” portable grill to cook my chicken while I maker burgers on the stove. You might see me doing this on my Snapchat a lot (jone.syy). Who says you can’t multitask, ha! Be careful not to cross contaminate your meats, cut them on different cutting boards. Always wash your hands first too! Breaking this down..

Here’s 3 things I typically do at the “same time”.

1. Wash, Dice, and Boil Potatoes (white & sweet ones)

2. Cut chicken / burgers and cook on portable grill and stove

3. Put my rice in a rice cooker with vegetables on top (steamed)

I can put the rice & veggies in the rice cooker and leave it sit. Then I prep my potatoes and once they’re boiling, that is when I can cook my meats. All together, I’ve now prepped 4 important aspects of my nutrition all at once.. done in 30 minutes too! Schedule that 30 minutes!

Step 4: Having A Meal Structure

What’s the point in doing all this without some type of structure? Yes, it is actually less expensive to buy your own groceries and make them than going out to eat all the time (roughly $15-20 each time), but it’s also just as important to structure your meals that not only compliment your schedule but also help feed your body properly at the right times. When I say the human body is extremely complex, I mean it! It’s just as important to be eating the right foods as it is to eat them at the right times in the right amounts!

Here’s an example of one of my client’s typical meal structures for one day.

It’s very difficult to know exactly how much to eat, what foods are best for your specific body type and goal, and also knowing how to structure them into your life. This is a service that I offer to anyone looking to improve the way they look, feel, & perform daily. We all know how to EAT, but not many know how to NOURISH. Sign up for a nutrition program with me and I will take your physical and mental performance to a max1mum level! Just use this link below to get started!

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