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How to Set Up Your Yoga Space

Trying to incorporate yoga into your daily routine can be intimidating. It may be hard to focus or stick with it in the beginning for many reasons. Often times people tell themselves that is they don't have the proper space or equipment and they get discouraged.

Although we all dream of having a yoga space that looks like it stepped straight out of pinterest like this beautiful space here

The truth is you don't need a space like that to practice yoga

Yoga is defined as the connection between breath and movement. As long as you have those two things, you are practicing yoga.

However, there are a few things that you may benefit from if you are looking to regularly practice yoga

Basic items to have in your home to aid you in practicing yoga:

  • A yoga mat

  • A towel

  • Yoga blocks (I like having two)

  • A yoga strap

  • A private space

Now, you can find all of these products at a very affordable price, or you can find them with shocking price tags. My suggestion, go for the cheap products (at least to start). 5 below sells awesome yoga mats and blocks for *gasp* less than $5.

For a yoga mat, thickness is personal preference, find one that you like and are comfortable on.

Towels are typically used for any type of heated yoga class, like Bikram. You can find yoga towels that are the same length as your yoga mat, but bath towels also work fine.

Yoga blocks can be used if you are limited by your flexibility. They can be used to modify shapes if you are feeling too much sensation in the full shape. Yoga blocks are also used to deepen certain postures so I recommend them to everyone.

A yoga strap is especially helpful if flexibility is an issue for you or if you are working into a more complex shape. You can purchase a relatively cheap strap on amazon or even use a towel as a strap if you do not want to purchase one.

Most importantly, you want some sort of private space to practice. An important concept of yoga is focus on the practice and your intention for the practice only. If your mind is straying you may not be getting all the benefits yoga is there to give you. Again, this does not need to be some fancy, secluded yoga room, but some place inside or outside (if weather permits) where you can be unbothered.

If you are looking to start practicing yoga, or already practice and want a community to practice with, join us on zoom Monday through Friday for 30 minute yoga classes at 7am! Heres the link to join: https://www.max1mumlife.com/groupclasses

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