Understanding Carbs

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I’ll help you lose fat. Right now! All you need to do is take 2 minutes and learn from this blog. Let’s go over a general background as to how our body utilizes and stores carbohydrates in our bodies, which in turn can help others better understand how/why we gain subcutaneous fat.. the stuff we can see under our skin.

Let’s really understand what a carbohydrate is first in order to know how this macronutrient effects our bodies when we consume them. A carbohydrate is a compound that contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It can come in many forms as either a simple or complex carb.. which simply means simple carbohydrates are readily used for immediate energy, like sugar! However, complex are compounds that contain many carbon molecules linked together thus having more hydrogen and oxygen with them too! (Pictured below)


Every gram of carbohydrates that we consume, brings with it 2-3g of water into the body.

In terms of just losing weight right now, simply cut out 50g of carbs a day from your normal diet (roughly 2 pieces of fruit, or 1 Cup rice) and you’re going to excrete a minimum 100g to 150g of water with it. This is typically what you see when people initially go on a "diet" and lose some weight because they cut carbs out. That doesn’t mean they lost fat! It’s always water weight we lose first, then over time.. fat will be broken down off our bodies since we are now minimizing the amount of readily available energy (carbs) that we’re consuming. With me so far? Great! If not, just reread the paragraph until you really grasp it.

Now let’s discuss briefly how we store carbohydrates, in two places.

Our muscles and our liver, in the form of glycogen (Pictured below).


The more muscle you have, the higher amount of carbohydrates your body can store.

The important thing to understand here then is our muscles and liver together act like a “reservoir” for carbohydrates in times when we need immediate energy, say working out! By constantly consuming carbs though, this reservoir tends to fill very quickly... like extremely quickly... especially if you don’t workout, shame on you! The only option your body has, to store these precious carbs when our reservoir is full, is by turning them into fat. Think Gollum from Lord Of The Rings talking about the ring as “My Precious”. That’s our bodies with carbs.

Keeping your reservoir full, and continuing to eat carbs day in & day out is just a constant cycle of gaining more fat, which is that stubborn weight you can’t lose! Losing water weight is easy, getting rid of fat is not.

If you’re interested in learning more about this subject or another topic, please leave a comment below! If you’re someone who really wants to lose weight, drop fat, get toned, or you’re already in shape and want to get shredded.. then a customized nutrition program is exactly what you need! Submit our program form in the “Nutrition Lab” on our website and let’s get started!

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