MAX1MUM Training Lab offers completely customized training

programs tailored specifically to your body and goals. Pick your style below! 



Our athletics programs optimize strength, power, speed & agility training to optimize your human performance. Elevate your athletic abilities with a customized strength & conditioning program using tried & true old-school methods, along with all the newest techniques in the sports industry today!

           WOMEN'S FITNESS 


Offering exclusive women’s training programs that understand the complexity of the female body to help you have a tight & toned body while building your confidence! Receive a custom program to hit your goals whether that is losing fat, increasing the size of your booty (yes we said booty), or just building a stronger, more muscular body to help you rule the world.


Our bodybuilding programs optimize strength, hypertrophy, time under tension, & intensity to enhance all muscle fibers across the human body. Transform the way you look with a customized bodybuilding program to get the results you want, fast! 



Our powerlifting program focuses on improving power production, neuromuscular signaling throughout the body, building stronger tendons & ligaments, & making your body pound for pound the strongest it can be. Utilizing progressions, Deloads, peak weeks in 4, 6, or 8 week blocks...unleash the beast inside you! 




Looking to increase your mile pace? Or tackle your first full marathon or Triathlon? Invest in a customized MAX1MUM endurance program to run past your competition...literally! Utilizing biomechanics assessments, mobility techniques, periodization, & more...our programs will make you a lean mean running machine! 



I am very satisfied with the plan. Every Friday when I leave the gym, I'm always looking forward to Monday's workout. 


My legs were feeling great after last week, omg. Feels so good to get back into things again, love the workouts!


I really like what you're doing and love the programs. Definitely the first one I've actually liked and stuck with for this long.